Please read these instructions careful. To fully understad what Aur Gotland is, be sure to read the dossier as well. Most questions we receive have their answers here.

Registering for Aur Gotland 2022 is a two step procedure. Your place will not be held until both these boxes are ticked:
1. Pay the registration fee.
2. Fill out the form below.

Race fee
The payment fee for Aur Gotland 2022 is 2000 SEK. That includes:
– Bag drop in Visby. These bags stay in Visby and are not accessible until getting back to Visby.
– Sleeping accommodation on Saturday and Sunday, including linen and towels.
– Breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday.
– Lunch on Sunday.
– Dinner on Saturday.
– Snacks and beverages on Friday and Saturday evening.
– GPX-tracks.
– Surprises.

The registration fee does not include transportation to and from Visby, meals except those above, snacks or resupplies during the rides. These expenses are individual.

No insurance is included in this open-for-all event. Be advised to sort out such matters individually.

– A 90% refund of the registration fee is given until June 10th.
– 50% of the registration fee is given until July 10th.
– 25% of the registration fee is given until July 31st.

The fee is paid through the Swedish Swish service, through PayPal, or through bank transfer for international participants. Swish number: on request. More information available upon request.

Waiting list
Aur Gotland 2022 is limited to about 20 participants. We keep a first come first serve waiting list. If the roster is full don’t hesitate to fill out the form below and we will put you in the line.

Additional information
After registration we will send every participant more information about the practical sides of Aur Gotland. Any other inquiry will be answered through

Force Majeure
Although we are all hoping that things will be less unpredictable this year than in 2020 and 2021, we still need to be realistic about the possibility that circumstances may arise that will force us to cancel Aur 2022. In the event that we do need to pull the plug due to Covid-19 restrictions or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, we will do our best to make sure that you get as much of your registration fee back as possible (though depending when such a decision would be made, there might be some already accrued costs that limit the amount we can return).

Update Aug 10th: four spots open due to late cancellations.



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